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May 15, 2002

M & A Racing is off to race TT 2002. The photo is a frontal shot of the location our garage. The is a forty foot free standing structure behind the building. Please feel to stop by and say hello while we're on the Isle.

Team Garage: Team Residence:
(It's at the bottom of Bray Hill,
4th house on left after light.)
Quarterbridge Road
Douglas, Isle of Man IM2-3RJ
Tel: 44. 01624.612.778
Mobil: 44. 07624.434.413
Dwight Mitchell
c/o Laura Howard
128 lakeside Road
Governors Hill
Douglas, Isle of Man IM2-5HE
Tel: 44.01624.613.876

April 20, 2002

M & A Racing kicked off its third session of testing for the 2002 season in Pennsylvania on Friday with two days of a testing at Pocono International Raceway, located in the heart of the Pocono resort area, and 90 miles outside of New York City.

The Pocono session kicked off in cloudy conditions which threaten rain all day but held off. The team was quick to find good settings for the bike around the circuit in the morning and then made very few modifications during the rest of the day. This allowed them to test the different tires brought along in the second half of the day.

Sunny, but windy conditions greeted the team on the second day of testing. Very few changes were made and Dwight concentrated on improving his laps time for the remainder of the testing.

"I feel very comfortable with the bike here at Pocono and I am really satisfied with the times I set during testing," said Dwight.

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April 15, 2002

Upon arrival to our hotel room in the town of Varese we happen to glance out the window to see this spectacular view of the Lake Varese below and the town was situated on. We were staying at the Palace Hotel. It was built upon the top of a hill over looking the town and lake below. Built over 100 years ago the structure was magnificent, and also happens to be owned by Claudio Castiglioni the president of Cagiva and MV Agusta. There was MV Agusta Oro in the lobby along with a Cagiva 500 GP motorcycle. There was definitely no doubt as to who the owner of the hotel was.

Several meetings were arranged for me to meet with various personnel of the MV Agusta project team to discuss performance enhancements for racing, and future plans for the enhancement of the motorcycle. I met with Andrea Googi first, the engine project leader. We probably spent the most time together discussing every conceivable part of the motor and the enhancements of the 2002 motor over the 2001 model. He was very knowledgeable and we discussed all of the racing enhancements for the "SPR" motor in great detail and when this would be available. After meeting with several other individuals we called it a read more about this, click here

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April 12, 2002

M & A Racing kicked off its second session of testing for the 2002 season at Virginia on Friday with two days of a testing at Virginia International Raceway, located only one north of Raleigh North Carolina.

The first day of testing began early in morning and revolved around general suspension set-up work, but after the second session of the day it started to rain and continued on until the next day. The testing didn't go as plan but Dwight was happy with the limited amount of testing that was done.

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March 28, 2002

M & A Racing kicked off its 2002 season in West Virginia on Thursday with one day of a tire testing at Summit Point Raceway set in the pastoral Shenandoah Valley, located only 70 miles from the Washington, DC.

The first day of testing began late morning and revolved around general suspension set-up work, and putting some mileage on the new bikes on standard tires.

Dwight, who ran a total of 49 laps in cool weather (track 78° /air 57°), was feeling confident after the testing. "I didn't push too hard today because I had to get to use to the new bike after two months inactivity in the Northeast. I hadn't raced since before Thanksgiving so it took me a bit of time to get going. But in the afternoon I went much faster than I did in the prior sessions, so I'm feeling really confident now for the season ahead."

Dwight was also pleased with his overall performance after completing 49 laps today. He did two 'long-runs' on his F4S and was happy to leave West Virginia with considerable mileage under his belt. "The 2002-spec bike is really nice, MV Agusta did a lot of work on it and we're already a lot quicker than before. The team is working well and I can't wait until the new season starts."

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Febuary 2002

Spearheaded by Dwight David Mitchell, M & A Racing, will once again contest the Isle of Man TT races in 2002 after last years cancellation due to the foot and mouth epidemic in the UK. Practice for the 2002 event is scheduled to start on Saturday the 25th May and continue through the week with the first of eight races taking place on Saturday the 1st June.

The team is pleased to partner with MV Agusta to ride the new F4S at this year's event. The name MV Agusta evokes memories of a bygone age where nearly every race winner, every world champion rode the same type of motorcycle - MV Agusta. It is the most successful name in motorcycle road racing and has won more championships than any other motorcycle brand. With 75 world championships, 270 Grand Prix victories no other manufacturer has equaled their record. read more about this, click here

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December 29, 2001

Year 2001 in Review -
This season we are pleased to be racing the MV-Agusta F4S. It is by far the best handling production motorcycle we have ever ridden. These pasts 6-months have been a wonderful experience, full of experimentation, trial, error, and read more about this, click here.

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