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September 4, 2002

Check out all of the great new streamimg video we have up on the video gallery!

We have 8 streaming video clips up on the website now. We have the Bike Sport Weekly and Speed TV interviews, as well as our 20 minute TT overview. If you like our hot models photo shoot be sure to check out the behind the scenes video on this as well. We also put together a TT 2002 preview clip and a quick trailer for the 20-minute overview.

Because of the high speed motion involved the video is best viewed with a DSL or Cable connection although we have streaming clips for a dial up modem connection. Also the streaming video only uses Windows Media Player..

August 30, 2002

Want to see more of Dwight in action in the high banking of Pocono Raceway? Then check out all of the great photos in his updated photo gallery!

The race weekend was not the best on the schedule. After a long hot summer it end up raining all day Saturday. Initially the officials decided to call it a wet race day. All the teams started mounting rain tires and doing practice laps in the wet. Then out of no where a blanket of fog descends over the track. All racing is cancelled and everything is pushed to the final day Sunday. Needless to say Sunday was full of surprises as the organizers cramed two days of racing into one. Our result on Sunday was not as high as we would have liked, but it was 10 positions better than our Mosport finish as we continue our first season of racing and
R & D with the motorcycles.

July 28, 2002

Check out all of the great new Mosport International Raceway photos in the updated photo gallery!

The team traveled up to Ontario Canada for the fourth round of the Pro Formula USA series. It was the teams first time at Mosport and the first race since it's return from the Isle of Man TT races.

The team was originally scheduled to race in the third round at Loudon New Hampshire, but the motorcycles were delayed in Customs upon there return to the USA and were not released from Customs until after the race weekend was underway. After spending three weeks at the Isle of Man TT races, the main focus of the weekend was primarily spent learning the new track and getting reaclimated to short circuit racing.

June 19, 2002

We're back from the Isle of Man TT races and do we have some great photos and streaming video for you! Check out all of the great footage in the updated photo and video gallery!

This year we successfully brought the MV Agusta back to racing at the Isle of Man TT races. This year was an R & D year for us. We didn't finish as high up the rostrum as we would have liked, but we gathered tons of information on set up and we look forward to next years races.

The overall atmosphere of the festival was great as always despite it raining for the first 13-days of our trip. We went over to the Isle a full 2-weeks before racing to get the bike set up for the races and it rained every day until the Monday of practice week.
To read the full report about our trip, click here

MV Agusta Factory Visit

Upon arrival to our hotel room in the town of Varese we happen to glance out the window to see this spectacular view of the Lake Varese below and the town was situated on. We were staying at the Palace Hotel. It was built upon the top of a hill over looking the town and lake below. Built over 100 years ago the structure was magnificent, and also happens to be owned by Claudio Castiglioni the president of Cagiva and MV Agusta. There was MV Agusta Oro in the lobby along with a Cagiva 500 GP motorcycle. There was definitely no doubt as to who the owner of the hotel was.

Several meetings were arranged for me to meet with various personnel of the MV Agusta project team to discuss performance enhancements for racing, and future plans for the enhancement of the motorcycle. I met with Andrea Googi first, the engine project leader. We probably spent the most time together discussing every conceivable part of the motor and the enhancements of the 2002 motor over the 2001 model. He was very knowledgeable and we discussed all of the racing enhancements for the "SPR" motor in great detail and when this would be available. After meeting with several other individuals we called it a day...to read more about this, click here

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